Choosing your locality wisely- Things to consider before buying your home.

Real Estate , August 26, 2017

Buying a home is a one time process, we don’t do it every day. And while we are getting at it, it is important that it is done right. The location of a property is one of the most important aspects to consider while deciding your home. You get the locality right; half your battle is won.

Here’s how you can go about choosing a locality that’s best suited to your needs.

Connectivity with your workplace: Commuting to your office is a daily affair. It’s important that a locality easily accessible from your office is chosen. If for some reason the distance is more, there must be supporting the infrastructure of good roads and public transport, to make your commute to your workplace easy.

Basic amenities/markets: It’s a great advantage if the market and the basic amenities are nearby. Who wants to rush to the mall on a daily basis for basic necessities? One must also check if the basic infrastructure of water, electricity etc. is in place.

Proximity to education/healthcare: If the education facilities for children are nearby, it saves you from the hassle of dropping and picking them up. Also, their time for commuting is saved, which ultimately gives them more time for other activities. Similarly, it’s a boon to have health care facilities nearby in case of emergency or small problems that occur on daily basis.

Safety: It is always prudent to check the safety of the location beforehand. If you are buying an apartment complex, one must look for the kind of security that is provided. 3 tier- security with video door calling system is being provided by some luxurious apartment societies these days. Moreover, apartment complexes have the benefit of having resident welfare associations which take additional measures for the safety of its patrons.

Keep future in mind

While projects in prime locations may seem alluring, buyers should also consider the future prospects of the project and the infrastructure development in the location.

Residential versus Commercial: It’s good to have a fair idea whether the location you are considering is residential, commercial or a mix of both. While a residential heavy location offers more convenience, a commercial location brings a better return on your investment. Normally a mix of residential and commercial is a good combination.

Environment-Friendly: These days most societies are taking care of the green quotient which has become very important in this age. Buyers should check if the property is equipped to conserve energy and has enough natural light; as such provisions will help to save power, money, and health in the long run.

Proximity to highways: It’s an added advantage if the location is near major highways. It leads to a quick appreciation of property price.

Leisure and Play: One must make sure that there are enough avenues for healthy social life both inside and outside their society. Some form of entertainment, good food, and fun activities are needed by everyone after their days work, and one must ensure they have enough avenues to unwind themselves.Also, a location that has restaurants, clubs, gymnasium, multiplexes and other places of social and leisure activities, will lead to better quality of life and will attract more buyers in the long run.

Centra Greens, the dream address of Ludhiana is conveniently located on Pakhowal Road Ludhiana, just off Ferozepur Road, the lifeline of Ludhiana. This gated complex with 3 tier security has all the amenities that are needed for a comfortable stay and to enjoy modern lifestyle both inside and outside the complex.

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